How Much Do Outschool Teachers Make

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How Much Do Outschool Teachers Make?

Outschool is an online teaching platform that offers a wide range of classes to students around the world. It provides an opportunity for educators to teach their own classes on subjects they are passionate about, setting their own schedules and rates. If you are considering becoming an Outschool teacher, one of the questions that may be on your mind is, “How much can I expect to earn?”

The earning potential for Outschool teachers varies depending on several factors, including the demand for your classes, the number of students you have, and the price you set for your classes. Outschool allows teachers to set their own rates, which gives them the flexibility to earn what they believe their classes are worth.

On average, Outschool teachers can expect to earn around $40 per hour of teaching. However, this number can vary significantly. Some teachers may earn more, especially if they offer specialized classes in high demand. Conversely, new teachers or those offering classes in less popular subjects may initially earn less as they build their reputation and student base.

It is important to note that Outschool takes a 30% commission on each class, which means that teachers receive 70% of the revenue generated from their classes. This commission includes all payment processing fees, marketing expenses, and the use of the Outschool platform.


1. How do I set the price for my classes on Outschool?
Outschool allows teachers to set their own prices based on their experience and expertise. You can browse similar classes on the platform to get an idea of what other teachers are charging and adjust your rates accordingly.

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2. How often do Outschool teachers get paid?
Outschool pays teachers on a monthly basis. Payments are typically made within the first week of the following month.

3. Can I teach multiple classes at the same time on Outschool?
Yes, Outschool allows teachers to offer as many classes as they can manage. However, it is important to ensure that you can provide quality instruction and attention to all your students.

4. Do I need to have a teaching certification to teach on Outschool?
While having a teaching certification can be beneficial, it is not a requirement to teach on Outschool. The platform welcomes individuals with expertise in various subjects, including professionals from non-teaching backgrounds.

5. How many students can I have in my Outschool class?
Outschool does not have a specific limit on the number of students you can have in your class. However, it is recommended to keep class sizes manageable to ensure personalized attention to each student.

6. How long are Outschool classes?
The duration of Outschool classes varies depending on the subject and the teacher’s preference. Classes can range from a single session of one hour to multiple sessions spread over several weeks.

7. Can I teach classes in languages other than English on Outschool?
Yes, Outschool provides the option to teach classes in languages other than English. However, keep in mind that the majority of the platform’s user base speaks English.

8. Can I teach classes for different age groups on Outschool?
Yes, Outschool offers classes for students aged 3 to 18, allowing teachers to cater to different age groups based on their expertise.

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9. How can I promote my classes on Outschool?
Outschool handles marketing and promotion for all classes on the platform. However, teachers can also promote their classes through social media, personal networks, and by creating engaging class descriptions.

10. Do I need to have prior online teaching experience to teach on Outschool?
While prior online teaching experience can be helpful, it is not a requirement. Outschool provides resources and support to help teachers adapt to the online teaching environment.

11. Are Outschool teachers considered employees or independent contractors?
Outschool teachers are considered independent contractors, responsible for managing their own taxes and other financial obligations.

12. Can I teach on Outschool part-time?
Yes, many teachers on Outschool choose to teach part-time, allowing them to have a flexible schedule and pursue other professional or personal commitments.

In conclusion, the earning potential for Outschool teachers varies based on factors such as demand, class size, and the price set for classes. On average, Outschool teachers can expect to earn around $40 per hour of teaching, with the flexibility to set their own rates. By offering high-quality classes in subjects of interest, teachers have the opportunity to increase their earnings and build a successful teaching career on Outschool.