How to Unblock Snapchat on a School Computer

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How to Unblock Snapchat on a School Computer

Snapchat is a popular social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos with friends. However, many schools block access to Snapchat on their computers, limiting students’ ability to use the app during school hours. If you are looking to unblock Snapchat on a school computer, here are some methods to bypass the restrictions.

1. Use a VPN:
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help you access blocked websites by routing your internet connection through a different server. There are numerous free and paid VPN services available, such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN, which can help you unblock Snapchat on your school computer.

2. Proxy Server:
A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your computer and the internet. By using a proxy server, you can mask your IP address and access blocked websites like Snapchat. However, keep in mind that some schools may block proxy servers as well, so this method may not always work.

3. Google Translate:
Another way to unblock Snapchat is by using Google Translate. Simply enter the Snapchat URL into the translation box, choose any language as the target language, and click on the translated link. This method tricks the school’s web filter into thinking you are browsing a different website, thereby unblocking Snapchat.

4. Mobile Hotspot:
If your school allows mobile hotspots or if you have a personal device with mobile internet access, you can create a mobile hotspot and connect your school computer to it. By using your mobile data, you can bypass the school’s network restrictions and access Snapchat without any issues.

5. Tor Browser:
The Tor browser is a free software that allows you to browse the internet anonymously. By using the Tor network, you can unblock Snapchat on your school computer. However, keep in mind that using Tor may slow down your internet speed.

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6. Contact IT Department:
If you have a valid reason to access Snapchat, such as using it for educational purposes or school projects, you can reach out to your school’s IT department and request them to unblock Snapchat on the school computers. Explain your intention and provide any necessary documentation to support your request.

7. Use Snapchat on Mobile Devices:
If accessing Snapchat on a school computer proves to be difficult, consider using your mobile device instead. Many schools do not restrict access to social media platforms on personal devices, allowing you to use Snapchat during your free time.

8. Use Snapchat Web:
Snapchat also has a web version called Snapchat Web. Although it does not provide the complete functionality of the mobile app, you can still view and send messages using Snapchat Web. This can be a viable alternative if you are unable to unblock Snapchat on a school computer.

9. Use Snapchat Alternatives:
If all else fails, consider using alternative apps that provide similar features to Snapchat. Apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger offer photo and video sharing capabilities, allowing you to stay connected with your friends during school hours.

10. Respect School Policies:
While finding ways to unblock Snapchat can be tempting, it’s important to respect your school’s policies. Understand that schools have valid reasons for blocking certain websites and apps to maintain a productive learning environment. Focus on your studies during school hours and enjoy Snapchat during your free time.


1. Can I get in trouble for unblocking Snapchat on a school computer?
While unblocking Snapchat may be against your school’s policies, the consequences vary. Some schools may issue warnings, while others may impose stricter penalties. It’s essential to understand your school’s rules and make an informed decision.

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2. Will using a VPN slow down my internet speed?
Using a VPN may slightly slow down your internet speed due to the encryption and rerouting of your internet traffic. However, reputable VPN services minimize the impact on speed, ensuring a smooth browsing experience.

3. Can I use a free VPN to unblock Snapchat?
Free VPNs can be a viable option, but they often have limitations such as data and speed restrictions. Paid VPN services generally offer better performance and more reliable connections.

4. Are proxy servers safe to use?
Proxy servers can be safe to use, but it depends on the server’s reliability. Be cautious when using free proxy servers, as they may collect your data or expose you to security risks. Opt for reputable proxy services or consider using a VPN instead.

5. Can the school track my Snapchat activity if I unblock it?
If you successfully unblock Snapchat, the school may still be able to track your activity on their network. It’s essential to understand and respect your school’s policies regarding internet usage.

6. Can the school detect if I’m using a mobile hotspot?
While schools can detect the usage of mobile hotspots, it’s challenging for them to identify specific devices connected to the hotspot. However, it’s crucial to check your school’s policies regarding the use of personal hotspots.

7. Is it legal to use a VPN to unblock Snapchat on a school computer?
While using a VPN itself is legal, schools may have specific policies against bypassing their network restrictions. It’s important to review your school’s guidelines and understand the potential consequences.

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8. Can I use Snapchat Web to access all features?
Snapchat Web provides limited functionality compared to the mobile app. While you can view and send messages, features such as filters and lenses are not available on the web version.

9. Are there any other social media apps I can use instead of Snapchat?
Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger are popular alternatives to Snapchat that offer similar features. Explore these apps if you’re unable to unblock Snapchat on your school computer.

10. Can I use Snapchat on school computers during breaks?
School policies regarding internet usage during breaks vary. Some schools allow access to restricted websites during designated break times, while others maintain their restrictions throughout the day. Check with your school to understand their specific policies.

11. Can I get viruses by using proxy servers?
While proxy servers themselves do not carry viruses, using unreliable or unsecured proxy servers can expose your computer to security risks. It’s important to use reputable proxy services or consider other methods to unblock Snapchat.

12. Can I use Snapchat on school computers through a USB drive?
No, you cannot access Snapchat on a school computer through a USB drive. The restriction is based on the network settings of the computer, which cannot be bypassed using a USB drive.