When Is Homecoming High School

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When Is Homecoming High School?

Homecoming is an exciting time in high school, filled with traditions, events, and school spirit. It is a special occasion that brings together current students, alumni, and the entire community. But when exactly does homecoming take place? Let’s delve deeper into this question and explore the significance of homecoming in high school.

Homecoming is typically held in the fall, usually in September or October. The exact date can vary from school to school, as it depends on various factors such as the school’s calendar, sports schedules, and local events. It is usually planned around a football game, which serves as the centerpiece of the homecoming festivities. However, homecoming is not limited to schools with football teams; it can also be celebrated in schools that focus on other sports or activities.

The origins of homecoming can be traced back to the early 20th century in the United States. It started as a way for colleges and universities to welcome back former students and alumni. Over time, high schools adopted this tradition, adapting it to their unique needs and creating their own customs and events.

Homecoming week is often filled with exciting activities leading up to the main event. These activities can include spirit days, where students dress up according to a specific theme each day. They might wear their school colors, dress in costumes, or represent different decades. Another popular activity is the homecoming parade, where students, clubs, and organizations create floats and march through the streets, showcasing their creativity and school pride.

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The highlight of homecoming is usually the homecoming football game. This game brings together current students, alumni, and the community, creating a sense of unity and school spirit. The football stadium is often filled with cheering fans, and both the teams and the cheerleaders put on special performances to entertain the crowd.

After the game, the festivities continue with the homecoming dance. This is a formal or semi-formal event where students can socialize, dance, and enjoy themselves. The dance is often held at the school gymnasium or a nearby venue, and it is an opportunity for students to dress up, take memorable photos, and create lasting memories with their friends.


1. When is homecoming in high school?
Homecoming in high school is typically held in the fall, usually in September or October.

2. Does every high school have homecoming?
Not every high school has homecoming, but it is a widely celebrated tradition in many schools.

3. Is homecoming only about football?
While football games are often a central part of homecoming, it can also be celebrated in schools with other sports or activities.

4. What are spirit days?
Spirit days are themed dress-up days during homecoming week, where students showcase their school spirit by dressing according to a specific theme.

5. Are alumni invited to homecoming?
Yes, homecoming is an opportunity for alumni to return to their high school and reconnect with former classmates.

6. Can parents attend homecoming events?
Parents are often welcome to attend homecoming events, especially the homecoming game and the homecoming parade.

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7. How long does homecoming last?
Homecoming week usually lasts for several days, with various activities leading up to the main event.

8. Can freshmen attend the homecoming dance?
Yes, the homecoming dance is typically open to all high school students, including freshmen.

9. Are homecoming dances formal?
Homecoming dances can vary from school to school, but they are usually either formal or semi-formal events.

10. Can students bring guests to the homecoming dance?
Some schools allow students to bring guests from other schools or even older friends or siblings.

11. Do students vote for a homecoming king and queen?
Many schools have a tradition of electing a homecoming king and queen, which is often done through a student vote.

12. What happens at the homecoming parade?
The homecoming parade is a procession of floats, students, clubs, and organizations marching through the streets to showcase their school pride and creativity.

In conclusion, homecoming is an exciting time in high school that is usually celebrated in the fall. It involves a series of events and activities, leading up to the main highlight – the homecoming football game and dance. It is a time for students, alumni, and the community to come together, show their school spirit, and create lasting memories. So mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate homecoming in your high school!